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Community Engaged Scholar Electronic Portfolio

The E- Portfolio is a compilation of a students' civic and community engagement experiences throughout their time at USU. The Portfolio should be completed and submitted one month prior to graduation.

The following items are required for the Scholar's Portfolio:

  • The syllabus, projects, and assignments from your Community Engaged Learning courses.
  • Copies of service-learning contracts for any course adapted into Community Engaged Learning courses.
  • An unofficial transcript documenting 9 'SL' Credits of course work.
  • The reflection piece from your capstone project.
  • Photos of your service experience.
  • Monthly time logs documenting 400 hours of service.

The following items are suggested for the Portfolio:

  • Reflective journal entries.
  • Newspaper articles highlighting your service or projects
  • Resource information about the agency with which you served
  • Research regarding the community issue addressed
  • Letters of thanks or evaluations of your work from community partners or faculty