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Community-Engaged Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that helps USU students graduate as citizen scholars, and integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

Quotes from Students:

'This experience was the most beneficial assignment I have had so far in my educational experience at USU. It challenged my perspectives about myself and others, and it allowed me to improve my understanding of how simple things can foster a connection between individuals.’ - SW 2400 Student

'I certainly have discovered the importance of strengthening the community through this project. While I learned about research processes, the importance of teamwork, and other technical skills, more importantly I learned to be a concerned member of the community, and to be involved in making changes.' – Honors 3020 Student

"The service-learning project was the single most useful thing I have done since starting school.  It was such a contrast to the traditional class and challenged me in ways that I imagine a future job might."  
-USU Student

Community Engagement Stories:

Cultivating Change: A Cross-Age Arts, Literacy and Sustainability Project

Cultivating Change: A Cross-Age Arts, Literacy and Sustainability Project


The Journal for Sustainability Education highlights Joyce Kinkead, Andrea Melnick and Olivia Webb's cross generational art project, "Seedfolks"

ENVS 3600 - Service Learning though Bat Boxes

ENVS 3600 - Service Learning though Bat Boxes


ENVS 3600 Students learned all about the benefits of bats in class!

Empowering Community Partners

Empowering Community Partners


Environmental sustainability outreach programs can benefit significantly through adaptation that connects to and fosters change within the Spanish speaking community. This article demonstrates a case study in which the authors partnered with a local Lati...