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CBI Partnership Classifications


Agencies that sign up for the Basic Partnership level will be eligible for support from students interested in volunteering with local community agencies. These partners will be assigned an AggieSync portal where they can post their colunteer needs and opportunities, have access to students who are interested in one-time or ongoing volunteer opportunities, and track student engagement with their agency. This level is ideal for agencies that have not partnered with the University in the past or do not have the capacity to work with a class over a 12-week semester. Basic Partners who are interested in increasing their involvement at a later time can always change their partnership level to Bridge Builder.


Bridge Builder partners are those who are interested in working with a Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) class to complete community projects. Partners who sign up at this level are eligible to submit project proposals at any time, and we encourage partners to request project suggestions from their employees. The Executive Director (or equivalent) of the partnering organization will collect the project applications from their staff and determine highest priority  needs. Once high-need project proposals are submitted to the CCE program, we will work to match projects with faculty and classes on campus. Although CCE cannot guarentee there will always be a classroom match for all projects proposed, we will do our best to match university resources to projects defined by the community.

Bridge Builder Partners will have access to faculty with expertise in their field, support from students with skills and knowledge directly related to the agency's work, and the opportunity to host student internships. Like Basic Partners, Bridge Builders will also be given an AggieSync portal on which they can match with students, faculty, or courses, publicize upcoming events or service needs, and track involvement and impact of student engagement.


To protect community partners, students and faulty, all community partners are required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University. This document also signed by a USU representative, provides legal protection for faculty and students while they are on-site completing service activities. It also outlines the benefits and expectations of being a CBI community partner.