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About the Community-Engaged Learning Program

Community-Engaged Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Through Community-Engaged Learning students have the opportunity for practical application of course materials and professional skills, while addressing a defined community need. Participating community organizations gain a fresh perspective on a project or issue and added capacity to better serve their community. Community-Engaged Learning aims to be a mutually beneficial relationship, improving learning experiences, prompting meaningful classroom reflection and discussion, and providing assistance to local governments, non profits, and the common good.

The Community-Engaged Learning Program works with community partners and faculty to find project matches that will benefit the community, while fitting into course learning objectives. The program also manages course designations  to ensure faculty and students are recognized for the work they are completing in the community. 

Course Catalog

Community-Engaged Learning courses have been designated in the course catalog and on student transcripts since 2014.  These courses are identified by 'SL' on the semester course listing. The Service-Learning Catalog is a comprehensive list of all courses that have acquired the USU Community-Engaged Learning designation.

To look up Community-Engaged Learning courses through USU Banner:

Go to main menu and click on STUDENT
Click on Look Up Classes
Select term & submit
Click on Advanced Search at bottom of page
Under Attribute Type, select Service-Learning
Current S-L course offerings under each subject will be listed