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Community-Engaged Courses Moving Online

As you now know, all courses have moved to online delivery on Wednesday, March 18 as precautionary measures in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

We recognize that this may have a significant impact on your community-engaged learning course(s). The Center for Community Engagement is here to help you work through difficulties and we ask that you consider the following as you plan for the rest of the semester.

First and foremost, please act with an abundance of caution. Remember, when working with the community, the rule of DO NO HARM. Consider the communities at higher risk such as older adults, people with pre-existing medical conditions, and those who may not have access to health care. Please practice social distancing and encourage your students to do the same.

Contact your community partner(s) as soon as possible to update them on the USU’s announcement and to ask for their perspective. Good communication is important in any campus-community partnership, but it is imperative in this situation. It is possible that your partner may require or request that students temporarily suspend their attendance at their site. Additionally, students may not want to be at the partner location due to concern or anxiety about the virus. Please work with your partner to consider ways that both the partner goals and your CEL learning outcomes can be met under the circumstances. Consider partner opportunities for engagement that may not require in-person attendance (anything that can be done remotely) that meet your CEL learning outcomes.

We are happy to talk with you individually as you consider alternatives to your planned CEL activities, please contact Kate Stephens at