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Service Hours

400 Hours Of Service

Community Engaged Scholars are required to complete a minimum of 400 hours of documented community service while at USU. Service hours must:

Criteria for Service Hours

  1. Meet a recognized community need through a non-profit agency or group, provide service to the broader University community, or assist an individual (non-related) person in need.
  2. Cover activities such as (but not limited to) direct service, advocacy, public policy development, community organizing, or other activities that meet the learning goals identified by a specific Community Engaged Learning course.
  3. NOT benefit a religion, fraternal organization, or political party. That said, service to the greater community organized by these groups can count. For example, teaching a religious study class would not count toward service hours, but participating in a food drive for the food bank that is organized by a religious group does count.
  4. Be performed without an hourly wage. Service supported through grants, work-study, stipends, Americorps, and/or scholarships is acceptable.
  5. Be logged on the hour tracking system (Aggies Giving Service, OrgSync, or IPT) and turned in each semester.