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Community Engaged Scholars Program Requirements

Students interested in graduating as a Community Engaged Scholar must complete the following requirements. We recommend students apply for the program no later than the first semester of their junior year to ensure they have time to meet all requirements. In addition to the requirements below, scholars must meet with advisors each semester, and attend a program introduction and overview their first semester (as scholars).

Academic: Complete three 'SL' designated Community Engaged Learning courses. These courses work with CBI community partners to give students hands-on application of course concepts. All Scholars accepted into the program starting Fall 17 will be required to take a USU 2160: Civic Foundations course during their time at USU.  Scholars can also create 'SL' designation by adding a service and reflection component to an undesignated class. Community Engaged Learning courses can be searched for in Banne by looking for the 'SL' attibute.

Co-Curricular: Scholars will complete a minimum of 400 service hours. Hours spent on capstone projects can be counted towards this 400 hour total. Scholars will record all service hours through the AggieSync database.

Capstone: A capstone project is due the final semester before a scholar graduates. The Capstone is the culminating activity of the Community Engaged Scholars program. It is recommended that the capstone project require between 50 – 100 hours of service. The capstone project should be self-sustaining and leave a lasting impact. For example, students might create a new service center program, a new annual event, a piece of artwork to be displayed in the community, a new hiking trail…the possibilities are endless.