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Welcome USU students! We are thrilled that you want to learn more about Community Engaged Learning. Community Engaged Learning courses offer you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience applying course information and materials to the greater community. While Community Engaged Learning is not yet required at USU, we highly recommend that you find time to take at least one designated course during your time at USU. Courses are offered in almost all colleges, and many cover depth or breadth education requirements.

“I can legitimately say that the Service-Learning project was not only one of the most memorable, educational and fun things I did this semester, but also the most beneficial things that I have ever done in my lifetime."

Above all, we want to give you the opportunity to engage with the community around you and give back. The relationships you build within the community are critical to your professional development and career readiness.

"Because of this project I was able to learn class material to a greater level as well as learn more about myself and my interests....I know the lessons I have learned from this project are going to be of great benefit on both a professional and personal level."

Students interested in building Community Engaged Learning into their coursework and applying their degree to identified community needs, should consider becoming a Community Egaged Scholar. To learn more, visit the Scholars webpages or visit the Center for Community Engagement office in TSC 318.

"I really loved it - this is the first class I've truly felt has prepared me for the real world - and a future career."


  • Liability Form
  • Behavior Expectations
  • Pre-Service Training
  • Social Inequality Training