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Community-Engaged Scholars Course Work 

Community-Engaged Learning Course Work (9 Credits)

The Community-Engaged Learning coursework requirement can be fulfilled in one of two ways:

  • Take courses that have been approved and designated as Community-Engaged Learning (SL) classes
  • Incorporate a community service component into any course to make it a Community-Engaged Learning course

Courses that have been approved SL are designated in Banner, and fulfill the course requirements. A list of current approved Community-Engaged Learning courses can be requested from the Center for Community Engagement, and is available on this website. Community-Engaged Learning courses can be taken towards a major, minor, or as an elective.

All Scholars that have been accepted to the program since Fall 2017 are requried to take the Civic Foundation course, USU 2160, offered each semester starting with Spring 2018. This course is designed to give Scholars knowledge and skills needed to be effective volunteers in the community, and the opportunity to practice these skills with a community project. Students can choose to take the course for credit - in which case the 3 credits will count towards the 9 credit reqirement and students will complete a community project - or students can audit the course for no credits, which will require a 1 hour/week classroom commitment, but these students will not have to complete the community project. 

For students interested in incorporating a service component into a non-SL designated course, a Community-Engaged Learning Contract is necessary. This contract is an agreement between the scholar and an instructor to convert an upper-division course for SL credit. The student and instructor identify a meaningful service application of course material. At the end of the semester, the instructor determines whether the student has successfully earned SL credit. Additional community service work, beyond the standard course requirements, is not usually graded and would not affect the student’s grade in the course.

Course contracts are available online or can be obtained in TSC 318. Contracts are to be completed and submitted no later than the fourth week of class. Prior to filling out the form, students should meet with their instructor to discuss service activities and gain approval. Once an agreement has been made, the form should be completed, signed, and returned to the Community-Engaged Learning Program.