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Scholar Capstone Project


Capstone Project

The Capstone, or individual, project is the culminating activity of the Community Engaged Scholars program. It is recommended that the capstone project require between 50 – 100 hours of service. The capstone project should be self-sustaining and leave a lasting impact. Scholars should focus on creating something that will remain after they have left the University. For example, students might create a new Service Center program, a new annual event, a public art project, a new hiking trail…the possibilities are endless.

Criteria for the Capstone Project

  • Scholars are strongly encouraged to design a capstone project related to their major. 
  • The project should be sustainable and not dependent upon the scholar.
  • The scholar should complete the Capstone Proposal Form two semesters before they graduate and turn it into the Community Engaged Scholars program.
  • Service hours for the capstone project should be tracked and submitted each semester.

The scholar will complete a reflection piece for the capstone project. Scholars may choose one of the following reflection options. The reflection piece should be included in the e-portfolio. Scholars may complete a written or an audio/visual reflection piece.

Reflection may be completed as follows:


 A 3-5 page reflection paper addressing the following questions:
    • Why was there a need for my service?
    • What is the underlying problem and why does it exist?
    • What social, economic, political, and educational systems are causing or perpetuating the problem?
    • What did I do to work for change?
    • How did my service impact the problem?
    • How did my service impact me?
    • What will I do to continue to address the problem at hand?
A reflective journal may be kept and turned in as the reflection piece. One to 2 pages should be completed for each 5 to 10 hours of service.

Original poetry may be submitted as the reflective piece. The scholar should create poetry that requires the same amount of effort as a 3 to 5 page paper. Several poems may be produced to accomplish this.


All forms of reflection (other than written) must be accompanied by a ½ - 1 page written description giving a summary/conclusion to your reflection. For example, write how the artwork is representative of your thoughts, feelings, and learning. Examples of audio/visual projects might include:

  • Photography, painting, drawing.
  • Video, (should be 10 min. in length).
  • Slide Show (should be 5 min. in length).
  • Power Point (should be 10 min. in length).
  • Song composition.
  • Dictated reflection: i.e. speech or presentation.

A combination of reflection methods may be used to complete this requirement. The reflection may also be completed in groups with permission.

The scholar should complete the Capstone Evaluation Form one month before graduation and meet with a program advisor to review all graduations requirements and complete an exit interview