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Potential Community-Engaged Learning Projects

Look below to see potential projects across all majors! 

Potential Course Fit Community Partners Project Name Description Skills Needed Class Size
Business Whittier Center Debt analysis The Whittier Center debt is mainly the result of buying a new furnace and funding the community playground. The goal is to provide business analysis to guide in reducing or eliminating the monthly interest payment to bank. Once th edebt is paid, the money can be used to serve the community. This is a new project that requires 1-5 students. Orientation can be provided and supervised. Art 2 or more
Caine Cache Employment & Training Center Skills Training & sensory Stimulation through Art We would like to have artistic classes or workshops that will provide experience and sensory stimulation for people with disabilities. Provide art classes Experience with medium and basic art history Flexible
Valley Dance Ensemble Original Music Composition/ Dance collaboration Exposure to Modern and Music Programs. Compose an original piece of music inspired by a movement phrase provided by VDE, then perform the music accompanying dancers in our April 2017 performance Music and Teaching skills 1-10
Education / Engineering InTech FIRST Robotics Project Management Capacity Devleopment ICHS desires to improve its project management capacity of its FIRST robotics program. The FIRST team must design, build, and program a compeition robot within 6 weeks each year. Participation also requires annual fundraising in the tens of thousands of dollars and significant preparation both before and after the main J-Feb build season. ICHA is in need of project managment expertise to ensure that the FIRST Robotics coach/advisor can focus his time on engineering mentorship. USU students will create a written project managmeen tplan for competition preparation. USU students will act as assistant FIRST Robitic mentors/coaches. USU professors will proide knowledgable mentrship and review of draft deliverables to ensure sound project managment planning practices.  intro courses in principles/applications of project  anagment  4-6
Mt. Logan Middle School Green Power After School Program The focus of greenpower program is to advance education in the subjects of sustainble engineering to young people. Greenpower runs engineering challenges for schools based around designing and building a single seat electric powered race car. This program will provide students with workforce preparations, teaching and learning of STEM, improvement technological literacy, provide students exposure to industry leading technology, provide mentoring and social inclusion. MLMS will be designing and building a new electic powered race car this year. We have a staff member who will oversee the program, but we will need help with design, assembly and understanding the Solid Edge software program associated with the program.  Architecture and CADD experience Potential for entire class
HPER / Education Skyview Rock Hour Project 1, Recreation and lntramurals During the school year, Sky View high school runs a program called Rock Hour (from 11:20-12:20 on Monday through Thursday), which is tied to student lunch hour and is intended to provide school connectedness and unity between the students. Sky View is interested in working together with Utah State University in creating group activities and possibly an intramural program to facilitate this connection. After designing the group activities, we would like USU students to run the program and involve the high school students. Experience with recreation and possibly intramurals 1+
Journalism / Marketing  Williamsburg Retirement Center Journalism, working with Grandfriends to create publications The "training" would occur 1x a week* The final outcome would hopefully be a publication that codd be printed and given to residents, and a digitally copy that could be mailed to families. * Information included would be information, articles, stories etc. that: would be of interest to Seniors. * \Ve are also open to any ideas that students may have to make it enjoyable for everyone. Because· our residents are so interested in learning, we would like this experiential and have a professional teaching environment where there is an opportunity for residents to learn and grow. Students and faculty will hopefully help to create a positive learning experience about journalism. This training would occur 3 times per week for 6 weeks and will occur in a classroom-like setting. Marketing and Design  ?
LAEP BRAG Regional Housing Quality Inventory This project will help determine the quality, safety, and livability of existing housing stock in the various communities of the Bear River Region of Northern Utah. This information will be used to help prioritize and direct public and non-profit funding and other resources towards improving housing quality, particularly for low and moderate income households in rural areas. N/A Any
Natural resources City of Logan Trails and Parks Virtual Tours Develop virual areial tours of Logan City trails, parks, and/or golf course using aerial unmanned vehicles (drone) technology. Use footage to develop audio-video production (possible courses: health, PE and Rec, Environment and Society, instructional technology, communications)  Education-related research and
data gathering
Potential for entire classroom
Research City of Logan Hispanic Resident Survey Develop, administer, and analyze results of a survey to determine how Logan's Hispanic residents perceive the services provided by Logan City and other governmental entitites (possible courses: sociology) Knowledge about assessments 2 or more
City of Logan Police Perception Survey Develop, administer, and analyze results of a survey to determine how residents perceive the Logan City Police Force, with particular emphasis on how citizens view new law enforcement technolloyg, such as body cameras and drones (possible courses: Sociology, Criminal Justice)  Knowledge about doing assessments 2, depending on faulty recommendation
Research / Grant Writing  Utah State University Education Outreach USDA Grant and Data Collection Determine and document the economic and social impact of theCache Valley Gardner's Market.  The project group will work closely with the CVGM board of directors, market manager and vendors to collect data necessary for a successful USDA grant application. N/A any