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Mini-Grant Application

Proposal Content

All Proposals must be typewritten and contain the following:

  1. Proposal Narrative (2-page maximum): Define the issue or problem and discuss how the Community Engaged Learning project will address this issue. What role did the community partner play in identifying the project goals and deliverables? How are students applying course content and deepening their understanding of the issue? How are students reflecting on what they experience and learn? - Attach at the bottom of the page

2. Budget and Budget Narrative: The Budget Narrative justifies how a line item helps to meet the project deliverables. Please include brief descriptions, prices, and quantities. - Attach at the bottom of the page

* Allowable Costs: materials, transportation to project site, books, supplies, wages or stipend for student assistant(s)

* Unallowable Costs: indirect costs, food (unless it’s part of the project, i.e.: school garden, nutrition education), payment to participants, supplemental faculty pay, entertainment (unless it’s part of the project), cash incentives, or gift cards

Application Procedures

Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on December 15 & May 15.

Please send applications to:

Kate Stephens, Asst. Director
Center for Civic Engagement & Service-Learning
7205 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-7205


Privacy Notice


Please submit the form and upload all documents separately.