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Project Application

Potential projects, at a minimum, must meet the following criteria:

  • Projects must be part of the current partner’s work plan
  • Projects must be supported by partner’s administration
  • Projects must be based on existing ideas
  • Projects must be action-ready (real world)
  • Projects must be completed within a 12 week semester (or one project can be broken into stages)

When completing the project application, the community partner must define a specific project purpose and scope and outline the desired outcomes.   Prior to the start of the course, USU faculty and the Community Partner will develop a Scope Of Work (SOW) that includes the project purpose, scope, outcomes, responsibilities, stakeholders, timeline and budget.

Project Description (ATTACH SHEET BELOW):
a. Discuss the specific community need this project will address.
b. Outline your expectations of faculty and students.
c. Will this be a new project or an expansion of an existing project?
d. How many hours per week will this project demand?
e. List anticipated tools/materials/supplies necessary to complete this project.
f. Can Community Partner provide orientation and training?
g. Can Community Partner provide supervision after training? If so, what percentage of total period of performance can be supervised?
h. How many students will be needed?

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