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What can a CBI Partner Expect?

Experiences from other cities that have participated in similar programs in five cities throughout the nation indicate that USU's CBI partners can expect:

  • Increased capacity - Thousands of hours of work from students
  • Cutting edge ideas
  • A fresh look at projects with a lot of energy behind it
  • Added breadth to the project - several disciplines may look at a project for a unique outcome
  • Opportunity to increase civic engagement of students and residents – the leaders of tomorrow
  • A chance to test something new and look at riskier solutions without investing city resources
  • Help with moving stalled/stuck projects forward
  • Increased energy (internally and as external engagement)
  • Good Press
  • Professional Reports
  • More qualified and experienced future job applicants
  • Possibility of additional training for staff
  • Ability to create a more livable and sustainable city
  • Stronger connections to minority populations and creation of awareness and sensitivity about assets in community
  • Progression of ideas to be used for years to come 

What will NOT happen:

  • Students will not replace consultants.  Instead, they expand the conversation.
  • 100% excellent and usable work – there will be a range, but that range will include excellent work.