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Welcome Community Partners! USU is dedicated to providing opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to engage with local organizations and give back to the greater community. By becoming a Community Partner, USU will work to leverage university resources to address community needs defined by you.

Community Engaged Learning provides opportunities for classes to work on one of your projects, providing extra capacity, while giving students the opportunity to connect classroom material to practical experience. Community Partners act as co-educators in these courses, assisting in orientation to the service-activity, teaching professional development skills, and helping foster a commitment to civic engagement. Community Partners interested in participating in Community Engaged Learning courses must register with USU and complete a simple MOU.

Becoming a registered community partner with the USU Center for Community Engagement (CCE) signifies that your organization offers high-quality volunteer opportunities to students. USU students and professors know that your organization offers a safe environment at which to volunteer and that your mission and core values are in alignment with CCE's learning objectives.

To learn more about the Community Bridge Initiative's partnership program and opportunities to become a registered community partner, please contact the Center for Community Engagement or call 435.797.9681

Community Bridge Initiative Partnership Program

The Community Bridge Initiative, offered by the USU Center for Community Engagement (CCE), is a place-based Community Engaged Learning model that enables students to utilize knowledge obtained in the classroom to tackle real-world problems identified by the community. Based on the successful CBI pilot year with Logan City, courses are matched with community-identified projects. Students work with community leaders to define meaningful solutions, develop action plans, and implement projects directly relevant to their course curriculum. As a result, students are given greater depth to their course content and come away with the experience of addressing locally relevant issues. Through this new partnership model, we hope to bridge the gap between campus and community to create a healthier, safer, and more sustainable future for us all. We value each of our community partners and are excited to continue building relationships within the community!